True Story

First Time Sex

First bf, first kiss, first sex.. I really miss it. If I could take it all back, I would.. But i know I can’t. Nevertheless, it’s still something I won’t forget.

I won’t mention any names, neither when it happened. Anyway.. I’ve been masturbating way back, for those of you who have read my previous posts. I’ve always wondered how it would be in reality. And finally, the chance came.

Merry Christmas to Me!!!

I’m home with nothing to do. It’s the 24th day of the month. A few hours from now and it’s time to tell friends and love ones “Merry Christmas”. Sad to say, I have none, wala dito sa pilipinas ang kaisa-isang pamilya ko. But I have friends I can call anytime I want and greet them.

But I have something on my mind at this minute. It’s wandering again to the most unlikely…. I have to grab it while it’s hot inside :)


My lonely Christmas feeling away from a love one

As i watch you ,my heart beats fast,

and no words can simply describe the feelings that outpour inside.

Is this for real?am i really with you?

then why are we so silent as if we don’t care.

once,twice,thrice..words full of limits,holding back ,

though in your eyes i can see the feelings that you held back at sight

i want to reach out to you and beg you to open your heart,

as we dare reach the climax,everytime we made love.

the touch of your hand makes me tremble…

the power of your kisses which i want to linger

with you i wanted it to be forever..

For My MafMaf…

You asked me for a gift,I don’t know what to give you,
I’ve thought of many things,of what to give,of what to do.
It should be from the heart,that was what you said,
It made me more confused,it gave aches to my head.

I said I’ll give my love,you said it’s already yours,
I said I’ll give my body,but it’s also yours ofcourse.
I’ve thought and I’ve thought,but have come up of nothing,
The time is getting short,I’ve gotta think of something.

How I wish I could play the guitar
so I could serenade you under the stars.
How I wish I could swim across the seas,

My First Tricycle Part 2


“Bebeh?! What the….?!” my boyfriend shouted. Shocked seeing me on my knees licking a hot girl’s pussy.

“Hi. You must be her boyfriend I heard so much about you… wanna join us?” Haley said on a friendly tone. In a split second, my boyfriend got naked and jumped into the shower with us.

“I love you.” he whispered to me then he kissed my cheek then stood behind Haley.

I looked up as I continued to lick Haley’s clit and watched my boyfriend fondle on her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples.

My first Tricycle Part 1

This just happened last night and I’m still a bit tired and sleepy right now but I HAVE to tell you about this. By far.. my hottest sexcapade ever.. Hot off the bed I’d say… and sorry if this’ll be mostly in English… not in the mood for Tagalog writing.

Yesterday was just another boring day here in Singapore for me, as you can see, I posted my story about Kyle and even chatted with some PL guys over YM. Then at around 6pm I went out and went out to entertain myself and and found myself in Orchard (sg_guy you know the place).

Mommy ko, pokpok (Part 1)

Isipin mo ako pumasok sa kwarto mo habang ikaw ay natutulog. Dahan-dahan kong tinanggal ang kumot sa katawan mo. Ang malalaking suso mo ay tumataas at bumababa kasabay ng iyong paghinga sa ilalim ng iyong itim na silk nighties. Pinatong ko ang aking kamay sa iyong makinis na hita. Hinipo ko ang iyong malambot na kutis. Nakatingin ako sa yo habang ikaw ay natutulog.

Dahan-dahan kong tinanggal ang mga tali ng iyong nighties. Tumambad sa akin ang iyong hubad na suso. Dagliang tumigas ang iyong maliliit at mabilog na utong sa lamig ng aircon.

FIRST JOB Part 2 (by sizzling_momma)

Medyo nakakabadtrip malamang nasa parehong lugar kami. Bakit naman kasi tila ang sungit sa akin ng kapalaran. Sa lahat ng taong pwede kong makita sa pagbalik ko ng CDO, bakit siya pa. Haayyyy, sana nga lang ay hindi uli kami magkasalubong. Dumiretso ako palabas ng hotel bago pa niya ako makita. Pagkatapos kung makapagpananghalian ay pumunta na agad ako sa branch office.

Love and Interest part 2


“I’m shocked but that does’nt mean that we’ll stop being friends. ” pero sa totoo lang, masakit yun sa loob ko at galit talaga ako sa kanya at hindi nya lang alam na may binabalak ako sa mga panahon na yun.

“Kung bitin ako emotionally… bibitinin kita both mentally and physically.” sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Dali-dali akong nag on-line at nagbukas ng friendster (hindi pa uso ang facebook) at nagsearch ng pangalan nya at doon ko naconfirm na totoong enggaged sya at kasama pa nya ang girlfriend nya sa profile picture. Kinilatis ko ang babae sa picture.

Uptown Girls – Raine

Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking around this site for a couple of weeks now, reading your stories, my friends’ stories, I must admit, you guys ROCK! I’m kind of a shy person and this isn’t normally what I do for fun. However, hearing from Tala and Lex about how good it felt to share their stories with all of you gave me the courage to try it for myself. After all, its kinda coming out that none of us are doing what we normally do anyway. By the way, my name is Raine, and this is my story…..

Your comments are welcomed and will be appreciated..

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