Bhubaneshwar Boy Fck Sonia

Hi thanks friends for warm response and mails which motivated to share one more experience. This Vishal again 22 yrs guy my name is ( from Bhubaneswar height 5’11" very fair well build. I have very high sex drive. I met a girl through internet Sonia 22 yrs figure 34D-26-36 (this I came to after making love) slim fair. She conveyed in her mail she liked my story Female Doctor in train. After few mails we became good friends I came to know she has high sex drive like me. While talking to her on phone she told that normal sex is becoming boring. I said I have good idea to make it exciting Listen I had a math teacher in 10th std she was tuition teacher also.

Miss Anjali beautiful, 24 yrs figure 32C-28-38 not so fair complexion a mole on chin and use to wear a glass that made her look more sexy. I had crush on her & wanted to fuck her would you become Anjali it would be something new and exciting. She liked the idea and she said would love to do that. I scanned & send her a old Group photo of my class 10th std as class teacher she also there and told Sonia to imitate her way of dressing and appearance. I told her about my math teacher’s attitude for me. Sonia understood what I meant very well. She informed me that today there would on one would at her home we can meet at 11 O’clock in the day.

I went to her house she opened the door and for a short time I thought I was standing before my teacher Sonia she wearing light blue color salwar and kurta like my teacher. She had copied her so well she placed a artificial mole with kajal on her chin wore a glass too. She said come in Vishal mainnay school main bahut homework diya hai u would be needing explanations on few math problems. I understood that now she is my teacher Anjali I said yes madam I went in i sat on the sofa opposite to her the table was between us there was math book and note book. She said batyo konsa problem tumhare samaz main nahi aa raha hai. I showed one from a page she bend a little and started doing it on the note book. I gazing on her golay (Boobs) like I use steal glimpse on my teacher Boobs.

Sonia saw me looking at her Dhood (boobs ) with anger look on her face said stand up. I got afraid as a student I stood up and she too stood up and said tum abhi kaha kar rahay thay ? jawab do…… I was silent she said I would inform to school principle that you tried to kiss me in the school. I said sorry mam mam please I will not do it again please forgive. Then with little smile on her face she said tum meray pass tuition atay ho ya meray yaa mamay dekin na atay ho apnay hatho say anpi dono dhood dabatay whoya. Salay Tumhari lund itni jaldi khadi hono sek gayi. Acha apni lund mujay khadi karay dekho she opened my zipper with anger or osnay mera lora gusay main bhar nikali kaha ab esay khada kar (she pulled my dick out and common make it stand ).As real student I was standing there with a bend head and ashamed and thinking. she shaked my dick it got erected she said tumharay lora tu bahut bara hain kasay ? Bolo (she said why is your dick so big ?) salay tum bahut mot martay ho ?

I was quite she said if don’t do what I say or ask I remember i would report to the principle that u had tried kiss me in the school and u would be out of the school. I said with surprised look on my face mam please don’t ? Then answer me and do what I say ? tum mot martay ho ? (Do you masturbate?) I said in a low voice yes. Tum kisskay bharay main soch kar mot marta ho mera bharay main na I was now more afraid.

Answer me she said in anger voice. Yes I said. O salay mujay mot markay dekha .Jee mam I took my lora in my hand moved it up and down faster and faster.She was looking at me(she took her hand into salwar and rubbed her pussy) ( apni salwar kay hath dal kar apni choot malsal rahi thi or kaha tunay abhi mam ko choot masal dekha) I said mam teri jaysay student hotay huya mam khud apni masalni chahiya I sadi nahi mam tu chal apni ki mam ki choot kaam soru karu I opened pulled her salwar pulled down and took my right hand into blue panty it was cleaned shaved pussy with thick pussy lips I rubbed it for sometime and then inserted my finger in her hole she moaned ah ah ooooo mmmm zor say ongli kar salay. Mam choot pani inkal aur apni ko hooto par Kiss kar chal. This went on for ten mins. Bolo meri Mam randi hain who apnay student say chudwatihay I said meri Mam randi hain who apnay student say chudwatihay. After got led on the sofa opening her legs wide showing me her pussy hole she said Ab apni mam ki choot chat .

I said sorry but mam main kabhi bhi ya nahi kiya she lekin ajj tujay karnay paday ga. Chal Chal chat I took my tounge into pussy suked her clits she mmmmm mazaa aya zor say chat zor say sucked her hole faster for ten mins. She said ab meri mamay daba aur mera dhood pee maray pass bahut milk hai mera nipple say dhood peei removed kurta and black bra. I unhooked her bra aur ukay mamay dabaya nipple ko chosay. 5 mins. Then said ab apni madam ko chodo apnay hath say mera lora lakar apni choot main gusa dhiya mera say apni choot ko chudwanay lagi.boli zor chud mujay nahi tu main teri complain kar do ghi I said jee mama zor say choda ta hu mam. Mam mera nikal nay wala hai brought my lora out and sprayed on her boobs. she ab teacher ko lips kiss karo I kissed her on her lips.

Ab mere gand maro I said mam mujay Who nahin atti app bataiya.she said jasay tumnay abhi meri choot phari wasayhi meri jab tumare lund meri gand pharay gi usay boltay hai gand marna.Ab meri gand maro.Jee she took doggy position and placed my cum on her ass hole and I fucked her ass for twenty mins. She said kal say tum mujay tution may roz choday gay nahi tu tumhay patta hai. Jee mam mujay patta hai. All the loving females I would love to receive mail from you You can share your experience and fantasies. We can have lot of fun

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