Sexy Faiza Baji

Dear readers, I am regular reader of this site. I have read many stories here. . Today I am going to narrate my own true story, which happened six months back. I live near Hyderabad, Pak. Let me describe myself, I am 21 years old and studying. What I study I don't want to disclose but I must tell it will get me high salary when I am done with it. I have a good body having height 5'11. This story is about my neighbor, we and our neighbor used to live next to each other for 15 years that means since when I was child. They consist of a man, his wife, his one son and two lovely daughters. The boy was two years older than me, and one of the girls was 4 years elder than me and other was very younger. Since, I was child I used to go in their house and was welcomed just like a family member.

As I have no any other siblings so I was attached to them very much and was just like a family member. I used to call the boy "bhai" and to girl "baji", the elder one. Her name was ________but I will call her say, faiza or xyz. Two & half years ago she got married to a man that was chosen by her parents, and was handsome but not very good-natured man. After only one year of marriage, faiza baji separated from her husband and filed for divorce, which she eventually got after six months of nerve-racking trial. After the divorce, faiza baji was very upset and her parents and her siblings were trying to console her, but she was all the same and all this doesn't worked. I was very sad for her and whenever I used to go in their house and tried to make her laugh and to forget her past by my actions. When she wasn't married her relation with me was just limited to hello and hi, but at that time too she used to take care of me as younger brother. But after divorce she had become more frank with me, it was I think because of my attempts to recover her from the damage that has been done to her. She was recovering rapidly, one day I was in there home for some purpose, and started to talk her suddenly she asked, "kazim (fake name), you know why I got divorce? "I don't know," I said.

She said, " my husband used to blame that you have studied in university and in university girls flirt with boys, the are seduced, the keep boy friends, the make affairs and many bullshit. I hadn't done any such thing but I was convicted for that and my life was ruined because of those bad character girls, even though my husband was well-educated man he never understand it. I said, " all men are not like that", but she replied that, "no all men are like that, but some pretend to be modest and some compromise, no men likes that his wife had a affair in her past and they never admit it, resulting in breaking up of marriage. And girls in the fit of sentiments commit such mistakes and suffer their whole life for that. After that day our conversation was based on that, she always blamed loose characters girls for her life. One day I was watching a movie of porn actress Gabriella Hall, no one was at home and I went to washroom leaving the film running. She came in our house for something and entered my room calling me. When she entered in the room her voice stopped coming than I realized what has happened, she has seen the film. I remained in the washroom and after sometime I listened the door being closed and she left. I was so ashamed, I thought that how I will face her, I will die of shame. I didn't see her for some days and after some days she came our house, I said oh God, I am gone now. But she pretended that nothing has happened and for some days she said nothing about it. I thanked to God, but after some days she suddenly said what was you watching on that day. I said it was a film. She asked, how a beautiful girl can do such thing, I said for money she replied no it's not only the money its her character and her need. I asked what need; she replied you will not understand and went away.

After that I left for karachi where I study and came back after three months, when I was coming home I saw faiza baji watering the ground she looked more beautiful to me, she said hi to me and I went to me home. At night she came to me and said "will you favor me for something ", I said what, she said promise you will not tell any one I said what, I had no any bad idea for her at that time, she said, will u bring that type of film that you were watching at that day, I was stunned. I said what you are saying, are you in your senses. She said she mean it, I told her not to watch such films that will do not good to her but she said you watch them too and insisted on it but I consistently said no she started weeping and put me in trouble. She said don't you do this thing for me. Than I said I'll bring her those but she would not tell any body about it, she said she is not foolish and left. I started ton provide her movies, whenever I gave her a film I saw lust clearly visible in her eyes. I was on the holiday of two weeks and I have given her 8 movies within 6 days. One day when I was going to market for buying some books she said she also have to do some shopping and will I take her for that. I was scared from her and didn't want to be alone she was changed a lot and was becoming a nymphomaniac and I thought it was because of me. I really cared her a lot and loved her like a real sister, as I haven't any sister and brother. I tried to tell her no but she insisted and said you cant do this for me because you have no sister, if you would have then you would have realized this. So, I said her to get in a car but first tell your parents she smilingly said she has told them.

After we have done our work she said me she will get me ice cream and to move car toward ice-cream parlor. I said I would get her ice cream, as I am a man. But she said she is elder she will do that. Anyhow we reached there and ordered for ice cream. When were taking ice cream she said me how a girl makes love with a man she never knows and with so many men. I was shocked to hear that from her, until that I was thanking that she hasn't said any such thing, which I was expecting from her due to her behavior with me for past 7 days. I am not saying that I am pious man but for her my feelings were like a brother who cares for a sad sister. I said to her don't talk silly and take Ice cream. But she said she is serious. I replied in anger, but I must admit that at that time devil was on me and I was going to like it and at the same time was also resisting my self, I said her let them do what they do but don't talk about them leave the subject. She was quite for a while, but when started to return in the car she said suddenly, " what if I and you both do this". What! I shouted but she said looking downward at her hands I am serious. NO WAY , I said to her, but I knew I was pretending. My inside was saying do this but my outside was saying how can you do this to her she is just like your sister. We didn't talk for rest of the journey and I dropped her at her home. At night I thought over her proposal and fought against my self but devil was on me and the devil won. Next day I didn't stop my self-going in her home, she was doing house chores in her regular shalwar kamiz which was little bit tight. Now I was looking her like a man for the first time. I knew, her face was so attractive and beautiful, but I didn't know her body too, was very beautiful. When she was moving I was just examining her. She was smart having figure 34, 27,32. She has got a nice ass. There wasn't an extra flesh on her, she was perfect. She noticed me and blushed. Oh it was a real one, her face was red and when she found me ogling her she blushed more.

She was looking like an eastern girl who has just seen her fiancée. She was behaving like a maiden. She hurriedly went to her room. I went toward her room and opened the door; there she was fully red sitting on her bed. I went near her and said to her are you serious about your proposal, she nodded in yes. Than come to my house at after noon when every one will be sleeping, I said to her. Listening this she become red again. I left the room and start waiting for her at my home. I waited a lot for her but she didn't show up. I became so frustrated and like this I slept. When I wake up in the evening, it was dark in the room and I saw some one in my room. That was her, I said her if you don't want to do this I will not insist you. She said nothing and came close to me and started staring me with love and suddenly she kissed me passionately. Oh it was my first kiss, it was out of the world, she then inserted her tongue in my mouth and I started sucking it. I sucked her tongue and her lips; her lips were juicy and luscious. We kissed for about five minutes and then we hugged each other ardently. Her breast were against me, oh they were so soft I didn't believe that. I took her to my bed but she resisted and said that someone may come. So, I said to her that to come next morning when no one will at home and so that we can enjoy without any disturbance. Then she left by giving me a good-bye kiss. Next morning I wake up early and started waiting for her, at last she came. She was dressed nicely. I took her to my room and took her to my bed. My heart was pounding heavily, it was my first time I went near to her and kissed her on the lips slightly. I kept my lips pressed on hers for some time than we started kissing eagerly we kissed for five minutes than I all over her face moving downward at her neck than all over her body. She was moaning lightly. During kissing when I tried to open the buttons of her kamiz, she said no and open the buttons of my shirts and took them off. She than started caressing and kissing me all over my body. After that I opened her shirt and took that off. Now there were before me, the pair of lovely boobs confined in a black bra. They were so beautiful that I couldn't stop my self by touching them. I cupped both full of life boobs in my hands. She was breathing heavily, what a sensation it was. I said to her pointing toward her bra, 'I wanna take them off'.

She helped me taking off her bra. The treasure of feminine beauty was before me; I was stunned to see them. I have seen tits in movies, in pics, but now they were real in front of me. I touched them both, a tingle of excitement raced through my body when my fingers made contact with the vibrant flesh of her naked tits. Mmmmmm…., "that fells good", said she. Touch them and suck them kazim, she was moaning. Losing all controls of my self, I began passionately sucking and kneading her luscious tits. Her hands were on the back of my head pushing me toward her self. Sucking her nipples I moved downward kissing her stomach. Then I took her shalwar off. She wasn't wearing any panties and was fully naked now. I could see the pink flesh of her shaven cunt. She had shaved her cunt for me. I caressed her mound with my palm, it was so smooth and wet. She said, "oh please suck my cunt, suck them like man suck the girls in movies, please I was waiting for that day, please suck them. I stared into the hot slippery cunt. I could see the moist pink inner flesh of her cuntlips. Shimmering droplets of cunt juice were glistening like pearl on her soft flesh as stream of cream oozed out of her cunt hole. I shivering with lust grasped her ass gently and lowered my mouth toward her pussy. Reaching down with my tongue, I lightly traced it with the moist flesh of her quivering cunt slit." Oh kazim", pl. suck it. She was repeating these words. She squealed and pushed her ass upward toward my mouth as I sucked her pussy. I was almost out of mind from the delicious taste and smell of her cunt juice flowing into my mouth. Grasping her hips more firmly, I pulled her cunt up tightly against my face, drilling my tongue even deeper into her tight slit. Aaaahhh, Mmmm….. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Were the sounds coming out of her mouth. Excited by her squeals of delight. I swiped my tongue between the folds of her cunt, I nibbled and sucked her cunt until she came. Her cunt juice flowed like a flood. After she recovered from this mind-blowing session, I asked her to suck my prick. I wasn't in hurry and wanted to enjoy it fully. Listening my demand faiza baji blushed but nodded in yes. She said me to lie on my back. I have already taken off my trouser. She bending down toward my bonner, she gingerly touched my piss-hole with the tip her tongue and started licking my dick from base to tip. "Put it in your mouth" I sad to her, keeping my head on the back of her head. She opened her mouth and put whole 8-inched cock into her mouth.

Her lips wee stretched fully. She started sucking my cock furiously. Let me describe the whole scene to you all. She was on her knees, fully naked, kneeled downward and her mouth filled with my cock. It was sexiest ever scene. Her boobs were hanging down. Just imagine the scene for a second. I think this scene is in the dream of every boy. She sucked until my ejaculation reached its climax and I came. She tried harder to gulp every single drop of my cum as I spurted it in her mouth. But still some of it seeped out of her mouth. My cock was still rock hard as her boobs were. I told her to ready for big game. She lied on her back and I moved down toward her until our stomachs were pressed together. I reached down for my hard cock which was trapped between us and guided it toward her cunt. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. she softly murmured and a delightful thrill raced through my body as I nosed the tip of my cock between the entrance of her warm cuntlips. "PUSH", she urged. I shoved hard as it was a very tight cunt and my cock slipped through the juicy entrance of her cunt. OHHHHHHHHHH, it came out of her mouth as I was fully penetrated. Her cunt was so tight I thought I will go wild from the feeling of her velvety-soft cuntlips closing hot and wet around my cock. YOUR COCK FEELS SO BIG IN ME, she said clinging tightly to me. PUMP IT IN AND OUT, OH I WILL DIE. PLEASE FUCK ME HARD. She was pleading with joy. Trembling with lust , I withdrew my cock until only head remained in her pussy and slammed back in. OH HHHHHHHHH, She squealed as I was in again. Then I started fucking her with big thrusts. She was making wild sounds of joy and was encouraging me to fuck hard. Her legs were wrapped around my hips and she was pushing herself up to meet the thrusts of mine. We fucked I don't know how much we fucked but it was fantastic.

My ejaculation started building up and I came spurting wade after wade of cum in her cunt. We were exhausted and slept for while and then repeated it as many time as we could. She told it was fantastic and she loved it. She hadn't sex for year and the movies worked as a catalyst resulting in encounter with me. We still do it whenever I go to HYD. Any girl auntie, chachi, bhabi, any women in Hyderabad (Pak)near it, or in khi need to discrete relation for fun may contact with me. I know its odd to offer this but I think some women and girls want to have this type of relation so, please don't hesitate to contact me. And do write how was a STORY.

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