How to Turn Off the Sound on a Sony Handycam

Sony Handycam camcorders have an LCD screen for framing your shots and, in some models, navigating the camcorder's menu system. You can also use the LCD screen to replay your videos. The Handycam also plays the sound recorded on your video when you play it back. You can turn down the volume on your Sony Handycam so that the recorded sound does not play when reviewing your videos.

Bloggie Troubleshooting

The Sony Bloggie is a camera and camcorder designed for easy use with your computer. You may run into problems with your Bloggie from time to time. Possible problems include poor battery charge, inability to turn your Bloggie on, memory card errors or incompatibility and more. Depending on your problem, the steps you take while troubleshooting vary greatly. You may simply need to turn the camera off and on again to solve small problems.

Why Is There an SD Card Slot on the Canon XH A1?

The Canon XH A1 camcorder records high-definition video using cassettes, which may cause you to wonder why the device comes with a built-in SD card slot. The card slot is intended to give the camcorder, which comes with 16MB of internal memory, added space to store still images captured by the device. Understanding the camera's resolution settings and the types of SD cards available will help you get the most out of this feature.

How to Add a Handycam to Record to Your Computer

There are a couple of reasons to connect your Sony HandyCam camcorder to your PC. First, you probably want to export your home movies to your computer and save them for editing or viewing later. The second reason, though, is you can record directly from the HandyCam to your PC using a special streaming driver included on the installation disc. After you install the USB streaming driver, you can use your Sony HandyCam to shoot video from the camcorder and record it directly, or even use the video camera as a webcam in your favorite video chat application.

How to Use an HD Camcorder as a Webcam

Although many computer users opt to use traditional webcam devices for video streaming, HD camcorders provide a number of advantages. An HD camcorder shoots video at 30 frames per second compared to a webcam's 15 fps, creating a smoothly moving picture for Web streaming. HD camcorders are capable of higher image resolution, and camcorder lenses also do a much better job of reproducing colors than webcams. You can use a camcorder as webcam by installing a webcam-conversion program on your computer. This type of application tricks a computer operating system into believing the connected camcorder is a regular webcam device.

How to Stream Live Video From a Camcorder

One way to spread your views and opinions with others is to start your own Web broadcast and stream live video footage around the world. It is possible to use a Web camera to broadcast yourself. However, using a camcorder results in more professional footage. With a camcorder, you also have the ability to use different lenses, along with the camera's “zoom" feature. To stream live video from a camcorder, you need a broadband Internet connection, a computer and compatible USB cables.

How Many Hours Does a 512MB Memory Card Hold When Filming?

The amount of hours of video recording time a 512MB memory card can hold depends on several conditions, each of which is determined by the digital video recording device’s settings and capabilities. Digital camcorders come in many models and with many features, but one commonality most share is the need for a memory card to store video files created by the device.

MPEG Format on a Sony Handycam

The Sony Handycam is a line of devices that employs the MPEG format to record digital video. While MPEG is a set of open-source encoding profiles, Sony and Panasonic joined forces to use the technology and create their own compression algorithm. When examining the nature of the Sony Handycam’s MPEG format, it is helpful to understand the process behind digital video compression.

Will a Samsung HD Camcorder Work on Mac?

Although the Mac operating system is the second-most commonly used computer platform behind Windows, few Samsung HD camcorders are compatible with the operating system. Even if your camcorder is compatible with Mac, you need to take certain steps to use the device with Mac applications.

How to Import Files From EX3 to FCP

The Sony EX3 camcorder uses a removable solid-state storage card to store videos. The camera supports a USB cable connection, giving you the ability to easily connect the device to your Mac computer. Importing videos from the camera's storage card to Final Cut Pro, a video-editing application, is made possible by XDCAM Transfer, a plugin offered by Sony. Using this plugin, you can view thumbnails of your video clips and import the videos into your Final Cut Pro project.


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